Are you sick of wasting time staring into a mirror and pulling out tiny hairs surrounding your eyebrows? Turn this job over to a professional for a quick, perfectly sculpted brow.

What is a Brow Waxing?

Brow waxing uses professional waxing treatments to give you the best brow. At Salzman Skin Spa, we ensure that the outcome complements your facial features and work tirelessly to achieve the shape and size that you desire. Brow waxing can also be performed for minor touch ups as opposed to complete re-sculpting.

How Does Brow Waxing Work?

First, hot wax is applied to the areas surrounding the bulk of your eyebrow in a very thin line. This adheres the root of your hairs to the waxing strip. Unwanted brow hair is then removed at the source.

Brow Waxing Results

Waxing has many benefits including longer results in comparison to other solutions today. This quick treatment can give you the perfect eyebrows to complement your face in just moments.

If you are interested in shaping your brows to their desired shape with Brow Waxing, contact us today to schedule your appointment.