Are your lashes or brows extremely light in color, making it look like they don’t even exist? Dr. Salzman can help.

What is a Lash or Brow Tint?

In the Salzman Skin Spa, you can achieve a darker, more prominent lash and brow with tinting. Or, in the case that you wish to reverse the process and lighten your brows, this can be achieved as well.


Real Patient Results

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How Does a Lash or Brow Tint Work?

Dr. Salzman will evaluate your skin, eye, and hair color during the consultation to discuss the right shade for you. As a rule of thumb, going two shades darker than your roots is suggested. In the case that you have darker eyebrows and wish to go lighter, we can lighten the hair. During the treatment, the doctor will use a thin brush to apply the dye and remove it shortly after for a natural tint that only adheres to the brows. For lashes, your technician will reiterate the importance of keeping your eyes closed at all times during the process. A protective sheet will be used underneath your bottom lash line and allow for results to dry.  Each session last 15 to 30-minutes.

Lash or Brow Tint Results

With lash and brow tinting, you can have more or less prominent lashes and brows based on what option would look best with varying factors. The tint will last up to a month, if areas are regularly moisturized.