As we age, lip lines start to appear from years of muscle movement around the mouth. The Salzman Skin Spa provides various options to rewind the signs of aging around your mouth for a smoother, more youthful lip line.

What is a Lip Border Rejuvenation?

Lip Border Rejuvenation uses fillers or laser procedures to smooth the appearance of lip lines.

How does Lip Border Rejuvenation work?

Fillers that can treat lip lines include the popular Botox and Dysport solutions. These injections use formulas to block your nerves and muscles and relax the appearance of tense lip lines. Within the first 2-10 days, patients will begin to watch their lines disappear.

Laser Treatments for lip lines use high beams of energy to tighten and repair wrinkles. Laser treatments replace damaged skin and repairs with new collagen production. Here, your body can naturally repair lip lines.

Exilis Elite uses powerful radio waves to tighten the skin. This minimally invasive treatment at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa is one of five machines in the entire country able to perform this treatment. Many patients report the treatment feeling like a hot stone massage and requires a series of four to six treatments for optimum results.

Lip Border Rejuvenation Results

Many of these treatments require little to no downtime and can temporarily improve lip lines caused from aging. After your consultation with Dr. Salzman, we can recommend a procedure that will best fit your needs.