With the trend of fuller, more luscious lips skyrocketing, you may have found yourself trying various solutions to plump up your lips. However, many solutions provide temporary volume and deteriorate over time. Lip implants could be your solution to permanent, full lips.

What is a Lip Implant?

Lip implants, similar to various other implants, are made of saline or silicone gel to add volume to an area that you may be self-conscious about.

How do Lip Implants work?

The procedure generally takes about 30-minutes to complete. Anesthetics or numbing is first used to ensure that the procedure is nearly painless. Depending on the technique decided upon in your consultation with Dr. Salzman, incisions can be made at the corners of the mouth or in other easily confined areas. A small cylinder is made within your lips to house the implant. It is extremely important that this cylinder is properly placed for an even, natural look. The saline or silicone implant will then be threaded from the incision through the cylinder within your lip and manipulated to a proper shape.

Lip Implant Results

Lip implants not only allow you to add volume to the target areas but manipulate the shape of the lip as well. Lip implants can help you achieve permanent fullness to your lips, allowing you to save money by avoided the need for reoccurring treatments for temporary solutions. The Perma Facial Lip implant often used is FDA-approved and with Dr. Salzman performing lip implants dating back to 1989, he is one of the most experienced doctors in the industry today.