Does the position of your upper lip make your expressions look tired or angry? A lift lip can provide a more relaxed, youthful contour to your lips for a full, perfect smile.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift procedure is performed on patients who want a more prominent vermilion border. A lift can also be performed on patients who have disproportionate or uneven lips, for patients seeking fuller lips, or those with excessive space between their nose and upper lip.

How does a Lip Lift work?

If your procedure is focusing on your upper lip, you will require an incision at the base of the nose. These incisions are strategically placed in the creases beneath your nostrils to ensure that future scars are hidden within your natural creases. In the case that you wish to decrease the space between your nose and upper lip, you made require minor skin removal. If your lift is intended to focus on your lower lip, your incision will be placed inside the lip. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure as well as dumbing to avoid discomfort. A lip lift typically takes approximately one and a half hours

Lip Lift Results

Upper lip lifts can be used to alter a patient’s smile to show teeth, add volume to the top lip, and decrease space between the nose and mouth. These lifts are also used on patients who had filler injections for fuller lips but experiences the “duck lip” side effect. Recovery and downtime may last three to four days, however, you may still experience some swelling and discomfort for up to two weeks.