Do you have volume loss or smoker’s lines surrounding your lips from aging? Lip rejuvenation can smooth your lips for a younger, fuller look.

What is Lip Rejuvenation?

As collagen and elastin break down, we lose fullness and firmness in our skin. Specifically, many experience volume loss in the lips and have visual lines surrounding the mouth. Lip rejuvenation can smooth those lines and restore volume loss for younger, fuller lips.

How does Lip Rejuvenation work?

To rewind the effects of aging on your lips, Dr. Salzman has a few recommended approaches. Also, depending on your desired results and aesthetic goals, you may need more or fewer treatments and experience various benefits and results.

  1. Lines surrounding the mouth can be treated with Botox or Dysport injectables. These safe, effective treatments work by blocking the nerves and relaxing the muscles that are causing the wrinkles surrounding the lips. These treatments take a few days for visible, complete results and can also add volume as these treatments fill the vertical lines.
  2. Volume loss can be targeted with hyaluronic acid fillers to smooth lip lines without extreme enlargement. Once injected, the filler can support and manipulate the shapes and tissues in the lips.

Lip Rejuvenation Results

Fillers may require additional injections to prolong the results. With small doses of anesthesia, the treatments are proven more comfortable. Some swelling may occur but will subside within a few days. These treatments can last anywhere from six to nine months and make your lip lines virtually disappear! Various options can be discussed in your initial consultation with Dr. Salzman to ensure that you are using the proper injectable or filler for your specific needs. To kick-start the process, schedule your consultation today!