Makeup application every morning can be tiring. And the touch ups throughout the day are even more exhausting! If you want to enhance your features with low-maintenance makeup, permanent makeup at the Salzman Skin Spa may be right for you!

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup can take away the hassles of makeup application. Here, you can ensure that you have flawless looking makeup every second of the day.

How does Permanent Makeup Work?

Dr. Salzman offers permanent eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, and lip liner. Each procedure provides similar results to tattooing. For those seeking eyeliner, Dr. Salzman will recommend an antihistamine to dry tear ducts.


Sculpting the perfect brow has become one of makeup’s most popular trends over the last few years. In some cases, women or men choose to completely remove hair and draw on eyebrows. In many cases, it is difficult to ensure that your brows are even day to day. Permanent tattooed brows are not just simple lines, but display a perfect arch with etched hair lines for natural results.

Lip Liner

Similar to an eyebrow permanent solution, lip liner can provide natural looking results. Here, Dr. Salzman will use the lip liner to make the lips appear fuller and add color.

Permanent Makeup Results

A clear benefit to permanent makeup is waking up carefree with little time required to put on and touch up makeup throughout the day. Patients come to Dr. Salzman for natural-looking results that subtly enhance the facial features. Contact Dr. Salzman to see how permanent makeup would look on you!