What is the MicroLaser Peel?

The MicroLaser Peel, available in the Louisville and Lexington area, is a treatment to effective improve skin texture, as well as address a number of skin concerns. This treatment removes a layer of damaged skin to reveal improved skin texture and provide a rejuvenated complexion. Treatments can be customized to treat a variety of skin conditions.

This treatment is a versatile one, with common treatment areas including the face, neck, chest, and hands. The MicroLaser Peel can improve the appearance of mild wrinkles, keratosis, scars, sun damage, and irregularities in pigmentation.


How are MicroLaser Peel Treatments Done?

During a MicroLaser Peel treatment, the treatment area will be cleaned, and your eyes will be protected with safety shields. A laser hand piece will be positioned over the skin, and a laser beam will be directed around the treatment area. This will ablate a thin layer of skin, removing damaged tissue. The entire procedure usually lasts 15-30 minutes. The number of treatments needed will depend on the severity of skin conditions and desired results.


MicroLaser Peel Results

Following treatment, mild redness and swelling will occur, and the skin will begin to peel away within the next few days. Direct sunlight should be avoided, and sunscreen should be worn when spending time outside. As the skin heals, fresh skin cells will replace the old ones. This results in healthier, rejuvenated-looking skin, with a reduction of wrinkles and skin unevenness.  Most patients feel comfortable returning to work within three to four days when obvious improvements to the complexion begin to show.

The first step towards a rejuvenated complexion with the MicroLaser Peel in the Louisville and Lexington area is a consultation. Contact us today to go over any questions you may have, as well as schedule your appointment.