What is Vanquish™?

Vanquish™ is a non-invasive fat removal and reduction treatment to remove unwanted abdominal fat. In just four to six treatments, patients can lose 2-4’’ off their belly. This treatment does not have the negative side-effects associated with other invasive fat removal procedures. There is no anesthesia, and no downtime needed.

This treatment works best with patients who are close to their goal weight who has excess fat deposits around the waistline. Vanquish™ should not be used as a weight-loss solution for obese patients. Also, patients who are pregnancy or breastfeeding are not good candidates.


How are Vanquish™ Treatments Done?

During a Vanquish™ treatment session, patients will lay on a wooden table under a number of RF transmitters. A fan may be used to dissipate heat during the treatment. The machine will be positioned over the desired treatment area, and a warming sensation will occur. The operator will be sure to re-position the transmitter frequently to avoid unwanted “hot spots”.  One treatment session commonly takes about 30 minutes to complete. Vanquish™ treatments can also be combined with Exilis to improve skin tightening.


Vanquish™ Results

There is no downtime associated with Vanquish™, so patients can return to work immediately. Minimal side-effects may occur, including redness and a warm sensation of the skin, though these should resolve quickly. It is recommended that patients receive four to six treatment sessions spaced 10 days to two weeks apart to see desired results.

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