As we age, repeated muscle contractions from frowning or squinting can cause deep lines around your mouth, eyes, nose, between your eyebrows, and on your forehead. As early as your twenties and thirties, this damage can cause natural collagen and elastin breakdown. Over time, these moderate lines become more severe causing you to look tired or even angry. If you’re sick of these wrinkles making you look and feel older, Botox Cosmetic may be right for you.


What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable that corrects fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is a highly purified onabotulinumtoxinA, more commonly known as botulinum toxin protein that temporarily relaxes the muscles from contracting to smooth away signs of aging. When treated properly, Botox injections can make you look and feel more youthful with natural looking results.


How does Botox work?

Dr. Salzman will target your specific muscle areas to inject the Botox treatment. The treatment works beneath your skin in your muscles to temporarily reduce muscle activity, therefore reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A treatment can take up to 15-minutes to perform. During this time, patients typically feel a small pinch, but Dr. Salzman can numb or ice the area prior to avoid any discomfort. Post-treatment, most patients return to their day-to-day activities immediately.

Crow’s feet

Dr. Salzman will inject three areas around your eye called the orbicularis occuli. This targets the muscles that surround your eye and relax the tense restrictions of your muscles and loosen and smooth those lines.

Frown lines

Dr. Salzman will administer five injections into the muscles on your forehead. It will then temporarily reduce the activity of the muscles and loosen your furrowed lines.


Botox Results

Most patients see results within two to10 days and these last anywhere from three to four months. Benefits of Botox include its ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles without complex surgeries and downtime. It is proven to lift the brow line, reduce migraines, and in some cases, can be used to halt excessive sweating. This minimally invasive treatment can give you temporary results, so if you are not happy the treatment can be altered over time to give you your desired results.

Side effects from Botox are rare and typically associated with patients who are using aspirin or partaking in excessive alcohol consumption. Dr. Salzman is a trusted provider of Botox and can aid you in your decision to remove signs of aging. Schedule your consultation today to see if Botox is right for you!