Do you suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and uneven skin texture? Collagen P.I.N. may be right for you!

What is Collagen P.I.N.?

Collagen P.I.N is an FDA approved micro-needling treatment that penetrates deep within the skin to activate regeneration to tighten and lift your skin. This treatment can be used on various areas of the body including face, arms, neck, legs, décolletage, abdomen, hands, and back.

How does Collagen P.I.N work?

Automated micro-needling techniques create mini injuries deep within the skin to product new collagen and elastin production. These tiny needs create a thicker dermis during the process, allowing the wrinkles to appear softer. For dark spots, the treatment can break up pigment to restructure the skin. During the procedure, Collagen P.I.N. will gently glide across the skin until the treatment area is covered.

Collagen P.I.N Results

This no-downtime solution is more effective than other treatments due to Collagen P.I.N.’s adjustable needle depth. This differentiator allows for varying penetration of the skin, which is more conducive for facial treatments. Contact Dr. Salzman today to discuss Collagen P.I.N. and see if it can help you with your skin improvement needs!