What is VI Aesthetics?

VI Aesthetics is the first painless chemical peel to treat skin issues including sun damage, acne scars, and melasma.

How does VI Aesthetics work?

These treatments are applied all over the face and remain on your skin for 5-10 hours. The patient will then wash the peel off and apply ointment to the treated areas. In many cases, the skin will peel, but this is not required for optimum results. Salzman Skin Spa offers three different types of VI Aesthetic peels:

  • VI Precision Peel is used on patients with moderate to severe signs of aging. This peel uses a higher concentration to soften fine lines and wrinkles, obtain an even skin tone, and smooth rough texture. When used properly, this peel can also help prevent the skin from further aging. To obtain desired results, several treatments may be required based on your needs.
  • VI Precision Plus Peel targets sun spots, dark marks, discoloration, and melasma. This solution is one of the firsts to be truly effective on darker skin tones. This TCA based peel will improve skin tone and texture.
  • VI Purify Peel clears dead skin cells to open pores and kill bacteria. This process can also smooth inflammation and redness caused by acne.

VI Aesthetics Results

In as little as a week, VI Aesthetic peels can be used to make your skin blemish and damage free. This painless peel can give you a fresher, brighter complexion in just a few days’ time! Contact the Salzman Skin Spa to learn more about VI Aesthetics and schedule your consultation today.